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Four The Cause, For Our Community.

Four The Cause is built on the foundation of four main principles which are resources, advocacy, financial wellness and community outreach.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (312) 447-9187 to Donate Or Sign Up to get Involved

Volunteer Program

Stand up “for the cause” and volunteer your time and support to help support our children and our community. Sign Up Now!

Sponsor Program

Are you a business that’s down for the cause and looking to help sponsor one of our events or looking to partner with us and create your own event? Then sign up to become a sponsor now!

Community Fund

Help us to help others! 4 The Cause promotes other nonprofit organizations by raising funds for scholarships to assist familes who have children that are a part of the neurodiverse community. Each cause has its own donation link. Check out the ongoing causes section below for more information!

 Fun W/Funnel Cake

Join us for free funnel cakes and ice cream as we bridge the gap between our local officers of the Chicago police department and families of the neurodiverse community one scoop at a time!

A Talkback Event

Join us as we discuss “For the love of the Neurodivergent”  A Talkback Event with Special Education Advocate & Founder of 4 The Cause, Keva Danyelle as she brings awareness, and discusses specialty care, holistic approaches and much needed resources for the neurodiverse community.

Welcome Back!

Join us as we collaborate with Chicago Positive Impact for a day of fun as we provide our children the tools they need to succeed. Live music, special guests, performances and local vendors.

 Wrap & Repeat

Four The Cause is pleased to announce collaboration with Chicago Film & Media Institute, In which our diverse learners will have the opportunity to utilize their moments of echolalia through scripting, while creating a short film for keepsake.

What We Do


Here at 4 The Cause,  we are an organization that provides resources for families who have various needs pertaining to those that are particularly a part of the Neurodiverse community. Promoting awareness in a world where there’s a shortage of these very things that are conducive to seeing our loved ones thrive. We are based in the Chicago land area but not limited to. From advocates who keep our clients at their best interest to physicians who provide a diagnosis, family counselors, psychologists, therapists, financial literacy including life insurance and investments along with other entities of partners who can bring what’s needed to best help your family’s developmental and coping strategies.

Our Story

4 The cause is the brain child of Keva Danyelle. She founded this organization out of necessity. Her son Ace was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 years old. She noticed something “different” yet unique about him at 11 months old and quickly sprang into action! He is thriving today because of her diligence as well as her innate motherly instincts.

However, there are other parents that haven’t had access to the same needed resources. They’ve seen the light leave their children’s eyes but with a  lack of knowledge in our communities and  financial assistance, they find themselves in somewhat of a “waiting” space. This is where 4 The Cause steps in. Keva Danyelle has created a network of therapists, homeschooling platforms (which are in agreement with state laws) which are easily coordinated with IEP’s & 504’s, family counselors, psychologists and much more. It is her goal to “give families in need the necessary resources to not only thrive but allow the child to welcome us into their world as we do what’s needed 4 The Cause.”.

Ongoing Causes

Our causes (events) focus on providing access to instructional programs and activities to children that are a part of the neurodiverse community. We partner with various non profits that help with providing resources, scholarships.

Become a Volunteer Today

We’re always looking for new volunteer’s. To sign up and become more involved in some of our future events email us at or volunteer for a current event below.


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Help Support A Current Cause

4 The Cause has created something amazing and we are collaborating with Chifmi to bring it to life! We have created a therapeutic learning experience where acting meets echolalia. We will run a 2wk camp “Wrap & Repeat.” dedicated to be an outlet for our little scripters in the world. Your child will participate for ten days, acting in a short film in which it will be produced and placed on a drive for you to share with your family & friends.  Giving you a wonderful keepsake of such a monumental moment in their lives!

Helping Children And Parents One Community At A Time

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Help us reach our goal in spreading awareness about Neurodiversity. Whether you are a non for profit organization looking to partner for an event, a fellow community member willing to volunteer your time or business thats willing to become a sponsorship.

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